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Play Online QWOP – #1 Running Game

November 8th, 2017

Play Online QWOP - #1 Running Game
In November 2008, QWOP was born. It was created by Bennett Foddy, who was a Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow of the programme on the Ethics of the new Biosciences. Funnily enough, Foddy taught himself to make games while he was procrastinating which I am very envious of, as I am nowhere that productive when I procrastinate! In fact, I’m starting to question the truth of it, how is it even possible to be productive whilst in a procrastinative mindset?!

QWOP is not just the name of the game itself, but it is the name of the athlete you play as in the game. QWOP the athlete is competing in the 100-metre race at the Olympic Games (no pressure!). The only keys you can use to control QWOP the athlete’s legs are Q, W, O and P. Notice anything? This game is not just the name of the game, and not just the name of the athlete, but it is also the keys you use to play the game! You have to use those keys to move QWOP the athlete forward, without him falling over, which is very tricky. The Q and W keys are in control of his thighs, whilst the O and P keys are in control of his calves. You have to be very careful as the amount of movement of a joint is affected by the resistance.

I think this is an awesome game, because when you first go to play it, you think it seems like such a simple game, and it definitely comes across that way! However, as soon as you start to play it, you realise how hard it is! It requires a lot of thought and a lot of technique… So, if you’re struggling I’ve come up with a couple of tips on how to help you beat your high score.

Tip 1 – the run

When the game starts, hold down Q, so QWOP’s leg raises, and then hold down P (at the same time), to bring his leg down.

As soon as his foot touches the ground, hold down W and O.

It is very important to get the timing right for this to work. If you apply this accurately, it will cause QWOP to run, although not particularly smoothly and it is also tricky to maintain. But it works, and if you practise it, you should get good results!

Tip 2 – the crawl

When the game starts, press W and P until QWOP is on his knees, then switch between Q and O together and W and P together. If he starts to fall backwards, hold W and P together. It is important to do it in short clicks so he doesn’t stand.This tip can be very long and tedious, however, it is guaranteed to give you good results, which is worth the time consumption. Oh and I also want to mention Learn to fly 2, this game was also developed by the same company and it is awesome.

There you have it, try them out, and be patient! They won’t work for you first time, it is a tricky game and it takes practise! Don’t take it so seriously either, have fun with it, it is humorous experimenting with it and seeing all the positions you can get QWOP in. Lastly, don’t smash your computer screen out of frustration!

Super Smash Flash 2 – The ultimate battling game

January 16th, 2017

mcleodgamingSuper Smash Flash2 is a sequel of the popular series of Flash game developed by Super Smash Flash 2 developer group. Unblocked SSF2 is loosely based on Super Smash bros. series featuring many memorable characters such as Goku, Mario, Kirby, Naruto, ichigo, mega man and many more.

Game play of SSF2 is very similar to its official Super Smash bros game. Unlike most of the traditional fighting games, the health of character is measured by a damage percentage. The percent value increases as the character is attacked. The character gets knocked off, when it reaches the highest damage percent.
The game has two different modes, stock mode and time mode, matches can also be played by combination of two modes. In stock mode, each player gets chosen amount of lives, every time they are knock out they loses their life. In time mode, each player are awarded a point when they knock out their opponent and loss a point if they are knocked out or self destructed. At the end of time limit, the player with most points wins.

The control are different from it’s older version. The A, D, S and W keys are assigned to player 1 movement, while the arrow keys are assigned to second player. The P key is used for standard attacks, I key for shield, O key for special moves and 1 key for taunting. Player 2 uses 1 key on numpad for special moves, 2 key on numpad for standard attack, 3 key on numpad for shield, and 4 key for taunt. Player can also customize their game control in the menu.
The characters are the fighters representing the universe which they belongs. Each character has numerous standard attack, special attack and unique special move called ‘Final Smash’. There are two types of characters, starter character, which can be used from the beginning, and unlockable character, which can be accessed only after being unlocked.
There are also optional expansion character which are not bundled with game and needs to be downloaded. There are total 33 characters which appears as playable characters. When turning on game for the first time the available starter characters are Mario, Lugi, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario etc.

There are different stages and platform’s where the battle takes place. Some stages consists hazards to add complexity and uniqueness. The basic stage starts with Battlefield, followed by Bomb factory, Bowser castle, Night zone, Castle siege, Central highway, Chaos shrine etc.

N E W    U P D A T E
There is new amazing quiz game, second version – Impossible Quiz 2, this is outstanding game and you should really try it.

What you should know about Return Man Games

December 2nd, 2016


return man 1

Are you looking for an amazing and addictive football game? If so, it seems like you have reached a wonderful place! We accordingly offer you Return Man games which will bring gay to your life. Actually Return Man games are based on football, but as it improves you see more and more stuff within it. This game is designed by ESPN arcade which is professional at its job, so we guarantee there will be no bugs in the game. For greater satisfactory for you, the developers designed dozens of versions of this series. Each sequel comes with something new, so that you can enjoy it. The idea of the Return Man is retained in each version of it: You have three defenders and a ball in your hand, you goal is to take this ball to the end zone of the pitch so that you win. There are chases who are trying to catch you and prevent you from getting to the end, that’s why defenders are needed. In addition each sequel gives you unlimited freedom which basically means that you can run your man to every corner of the pitch, but again you should not get caught. There are also some power-ups which are intended to give toy some especial power in the session of gameplay. Here is detailed review of each sequel.

Return Man 1

This version is a very basic and the first version of this game. In this sequel there are no advanced features that allow you to make flexible and splendid movements. Return man 1 is originally designed to give you the basic skills of this game. These skills will come handy in the following sequels. There are no levels and no options here. Also you are only allowed to move forward never backward. When you get caught you are given comprehensive stats about touchdown, score and bonus. You are also shown the total score. For further information about controls you can hit the question mark in the main window.

Return Man 2

return man 2

This is another sequel of Return Man which is the true demonstration how to properly improve a game. When you launch this version you will see the improvement even in the first window: there you will see a large set of levels. That means that levels are added to this sequel. After selecting the desired level you will be given the control instructions. That is a good supplement because this game is a bit advanced which means that you are allowed to use some more keys for improved movements. Changes are also sighted in the process of playing, when you start your game are not given the ball right in your hands, as it was in the first version. Also when you reach the end zone successfully your player will perform some kind of exultant show.

Return man 3

Hopefully, Return Man 3 hacked version came out with further improvements. There are remarkable enhancements in graphics. Also, at last we got settings bar here which allows you to switch between two sets of keys easily and quickly with one click. All the features of the previous versions are retained. There is a nice add-on here which lets you submit your total or local score to the public. Also here is a nice improvement in defenders/blockers: as you unlock those levels, new types of blockers unlock too, ending up in more productive defense for you. Hope you enjoy this stuff!

Return Man 4

Have you been waiting for this awesome release? That’s here! Return Man 4 has been released recently and is available. It is the latest continuation from Return Man series, so is it the most advanced one with its incredible football based idea. Things have greatly improved here, in addition all the key aspects of the previous versions are retained in this one. It would be merely frank to say that Return Man 4 is #1 in its range. Hopefully you’ll find it easy and cheerful to enjoy it!

Return Man: Wideout

is the latest continuation of Return Man 6 series. In spite of other sequels, this one is of different idea and different type of game. Get through the blockers and catch the touchdown pass! Run the route correctly to get to the yellow catch zone just in time. Get rhere too early and the defenders will block it. Get there too early and the pass will be incomplete. If you don’t make the catch, you will lose a possession.

return man beta

Return man 2: MUD BOWL

is another, more graphically enhanced version after return man 2. The main idea of creating this game is building more obstacles in the pitch. What that means is damn easy: the surface of the pitch is covered with mud which makes it more difficult to move on it. Also you can notice some other kind of animations built in it. For example after reaching the end zone you will see that the player will perform some further improved shows… In addition statistics of each touchdown is more detailed which makes it easier for you to judge your skills.

Return man 2: ZOMBIES

Here we have another funnier follow-up from these dazzling series. This one is unique and completely different from the other ones, since it comes with chasers of very odd ilk. They are zombies! Yes no more and no less, they are zombies and you don’t have blockers. You have to handle those creatures yourself. One thing is considerable: those zombies move very slowly and that’s why you don’t have defenders, so don’t be scared with my remark. There is also a bit change in the interface it is much more deadly because of the character of this version.

Return man 3: The Season

Here we have the most advanced and hopefully not the last part of Return Man. In this particular version you will face season: There are fifteen weeks in this game and each one comes with 4.


Get ready to shake your mind gamers…!

November 12th, 2016

Presenting the most addictive game for the gamers all round the globe – the one and only ‘CUBEFIELD’. Get ready to wake all your sense organs as you have to use all of them together in order to score as high as possible.

CUBEFIELDRules of the game are very simple. You are on a ship and you have to dodge the obstacles that are in the shape of colourful 3D cube like walls. Seems easy know but wait for the difficult part as the speed of the ship goes up and keeps on increasing. The obstacles will be coming more often with a greater velocity and it is going to be very tough to dodge them with increasing level.

So buckle up gamers for this exciting game. The controls as also very simple just like the game. There are only two buttons that moves the ship to left and right in order to dodge the obstacles.

lookatscoreincubefieldThe game is simple yet extremely addictive as you will constantly try to play the game again and again to reach the highest score. The game is competitive as you have to score the highest points beating your rivals. The helps you to improve your concentration. It also enhances your response and reflex skills as you have to dodge quicker with the increasing levels and speed.

To make the game interesting the colour of the cubic obstacle and background changes continuously with increasing levels. It is a very small space consuming game. No big downloads, no graphic card hassles, just a simple, small, addictive game that will keep you busy for quite a while.

So what are waiting for…! Get set go gamers and make the highest scores to take this game to a whole new level. New records are to be set and broken.
So let’s play – ‘ CUBEFIELD ‘.


Plants vs Zombies Free of Charge

November 3rd, 2016

PopCap Games has set its reputable name since the launch of Plants vs Zombies. It is widely a famous computer game not just for children but for adults as well. This controversial game has invaded millions of desktops around the globe. Gamers have gone crazy defending their plants from the evil zombies. Would it possible to get Plants vs Zombies free?

Plants vs ZombiesThere surely is a Plants vs Zombies free demo for starters or those who haven’t played the game yet. It’s an addictive kind of game where plants need to be protected from the harm of zombies. Apparently, zombies come in a variety of types and so do plants. What could probably be the origin of this phenomenal game?

What many game lovers just don’t realize is Plants vs Zombies originally started out as a sequel to Insaniquarium, a game about growing an aquarium’s population and keeping the fishes from the harm of alien invasion. Since then, PopCap Games design a tower defense game which turned out to be different from Insaniquarium. Tons of ideas were considered about the types of plants to appear in the game Plants vs Zombies as the development team was trying to design it at first. It has gone through a lot of screening process. The whole development team was glad of the success Plants vs Zombies brought about these days though it didn’t follow as a sequel to Insaniquarium.

For the Plants vs Zombies lovers, they keep on checking online to find out whether there could be Plants vs Zombies free version. Of course, the trial version is more of just a part and not a complete game. It would just make the gamers crave for more of the game. Others would run through the pages online to see whether there could be Plants vs Zombies free full version.

Boxhead Unblocked

You can also play other zombies game – it’s called Boxhead unblocked.

There were for an instance some download sites which offer lesser charge at a discounted price. Though they don’t offer Plants vs Zombies free, their offers are great enough to enjoy the full version of the game at a low download and purchase price. Surely gamers spend plenty of hours protecting their plants against the destruction of aliens with the sunlight as their only source.

Android has come up with Plants vs Zombies free download some time in May. Those who own phones and tablets running Android OS didn’t miss this opportunity of heading over to Amazon Appstore to pick up PopCap’s addictive Plants vs Zombies free of charge. PopCap Games has reached Android to offer Plants vs Zombies free of charge after several months of anticipation gamers wished to download it friendly on their pocket. Another great game which you can enjoy on your phone is zombie trailer park.

huge wave of zombies

Surely gamers would have fun defending their plants by any means as they join the world of an epic battle between pleasant plants and wicked zombies. Behold as this game is extremely fun and might snatch a long time in a day. Much more, it would be a hundred percent bonus to download and play Plants vs Zombies free of charge. Also get tips and play the latest version of The Impossible Quiz game for free.


Quick review of Happy Wheels

October 28th, 2016

Quick review of Happy WheelsHappy Wheels is a remarkable racing flash video game established by Jim Bonacci. If you have never ever played this video game prior to I will certainly tell you why millions of people play it day by day. Happy wheels is a racing video game with aspects of blood and physical violence, for example you character can break leg, arm, head or even pass away during the race, as there are a lot of barriers in each level.

You can even play the levels developed by other users or share your level with others, however just at the official internet site of the game. Right here we have only Demo variation of the game, but unlike the demonstrations of other video games, this is a fascinating and really huge variation. More than 7 characters are offered in it + up to 15 different levels, so I am sure you will invest terrific time playing even the demo variation of Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels 3 unblocked is a video game for all. Hope you will certainly likewise spend outstanding time playing this violent,physics-based bloody video game at our web site.

If you have actually never ever played this game prior to I will inform you why millions of individuals play it day by day. You can even play the levels created by other users or share your level with others, but just at the main web site of the game. Here we have only Demo version of the game, but unlike the demos of other games, this is a interesting and actually big version.


Tackle Your Boredom With Return Man 4

October 8th, 2016

Tackle Your Boredom With Return Man 4We all love football, but not everyone can make it to be a pro-footballer and achieve Superbowl glory. Thanks to Return Man 4 you can relive the thrills of being a top football star on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone. It’s a completely free game made by ESPN, and who knows more about sporting thrills and spills for them? Unusually for this sort of game, you play the defensive rather than offensive player, but this makes it even more fun as you crunch everything in your path to stop the opposition reaching the end zone.

In Return Man 3 you play the one defensive lynchpin whose job it is to stop the opposition scoring a try. As the game progresses however, you’ll find that you get other team mates around you, so you can make your strategies more complex. Look out for the opponent carrying the ball. All you have to do is run towards him and tackle him before he can score a touch down. Sounds simple, huh? Think again, because there are lots of other offensive players trying to stop you getting to the enemy. If they catch you first you’ll have to shake and fight them off before you can resume your pursuit of the ball carrier. You’ll get five lives to score as many points as you can, and the challenge gets harder as you progress through the levels.

The controls of the game Return Man 4 are very straight forward, which is one of the factors that makes it such fun to play. Move your defensive man up and down the screen using the I and K keys, and move left and right using J and L; alternatively, you can use the arrow keys. The Space key is all important as that executes a diving tackle. Later on, if you do well, you’ll be able to unlock the special moves Swim [A], Shuck [S], and Bull Rush [D].

If you’ve played earlier versions of this game, then you’ll need no encouraging to try out the latest incarnation. Put simply, Return Man 4 has to be one of the best football games out there, and best of all it’s completely free. The graphics are great and the movement is fluid. You may find it a little difficult at first, but you’ll soon find that the controls become intuitive. You’ll find yourself coming back for more and more, especially as the difficulty level keeps on increasing. If you’re looking for the New England Patriots of the Flash game world, you’ve just found a game that delivers a true champion’s performance. If you wish to play previous version of the game (third one) please check official blog.


Welcome to the 2nd Dimension with Stick RPG

September 16th, 2016

welcome-to-the-2nd-dimension-with-stick-rpgWelcome to the world of 2 dimensions in Stick RPG! A world where you can enjoy the luxuries of life without the worry of consequence. The free environment created in Stick RPG allows you to explore different buildings including restaurants, bars, casinos, and more! Your only objective is to acquire as much net worth as possible while keeping your health up, eating when you’re hungry, and sleeping when it’s time to sleep.

How to Play Stick RPG

The basic layout of Stick RPG is simple. You start aerial view with your stick figure avatar on the sidewalk. Using arrow keys on your keyboard you can walk in any direction you wish, just like in tanktrouble flash game.

To enter buildings, simply walk through the front door. Once inside, you will be introduced to a multitude of options. For example, if you enter the bar, you can have a drink or start a bar fight. If you start a bar fight, you use your strength level to choose from a series of fight moves.

game-view-from-aboveOr, find yourself at the University where you can take a class, study, or go to the gym. Just know that some of those activities cost money.

Each player starts with a level of points that include CHARM, INTELLIGENCE, and STRENGTH, and to accomplish anything you need to figure out how to raise all of these levels to as high as possible .

Keeping an Eye on Time

During the game, time moves like a regular day. And, like a regular day, you need your sleep. Monitor the time and your health (along with money, character inventory, and stats) at the top of the screen. When it starts to get late and your health is low, find your apartment and take a rest.

What’s the Point of Stick RPG?

The total objective of Stick RPG is to acquire as much money and goods as possible, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. To get a good job, you need a high intelligence. To get a high intelligence you need to study, and studying cost time. If you run out of time, you may not be able to acquire as much money as you would have liked if say, you just bet it all on blackjack and won.

But, that’s the point. You have time to cruise around this fun world and decide where it’s going to take you. Maybe after earning a degree and getting a good job, you decide to buy a bus ticket and head to the next town. Guess what, no one is stopping you!

Not the difficult but the Impossible Quiz!

September 15th, 2016

What is the Impossible Quiz

Impossible quiz
Impossible Quiz is one of the most difficult but very funny way to test your skills and mind ability. It might seem easy and simple, but you have lots of possibilities to fail if you answer these offbeat questions. Impossible Quiz Unblocked will test your rational thoughts, while it will try to confuse you so as to choose the wrong answer, so be careful. It is a game that will try to annoy you as far as it can and requires a lot of patience from you to complete it. Impossible Quiz is both humorous and frustrating. Good luck is one important factor to end it. By ending the Impossible Quiz you will train your mind to think in a different way less predictable and common.

Quest 62
Impossible Quiz instructions
In this Quiz, you have only 3 tries and after that you will have to start from the beginning. You have to answer all of the 110 questions to end the Impossible quiz. Some of the questions require logical thinking and others make you guess. If you lose the 3 tries game is over. When you answer some of the questions correctly, you will be rewarded with a skip. This option will help you skip a question if you are not able to answer. You can earn 7 skips, although some specific questions cannot be skipped. Also, there are some questions that are timed, these are the bomb questions. If you do not answer the question before the bomb explodes, the impossible quiz game is over. There is a range of limited time to answer from 10 to 1 second. To play from your desktop just use the mouse and click the right answer with the cursor. Impossible Quiz let you share the results with Facebook, so you can motivate your friends to take it too.


August 14th, 2016

Tank Trouble game is a highly immersive, professional arcade game and with the third iteration the game has gotten even better. Alongside leaderboard features and the better animations, the game still works better and it also offers an amazing gameplay experience as compared to the previous versions. While playing Tank Trouble 3 you will get a chance to truly showcase all your skills against a wide range of AI and human as you enjoy the game.

With this game, you do not have to worry about deadlines or even anything of that sort. Instead the game is a fun, relaxing game which you can play whenever you wish without any restrictions. It is really nice to enjoy your time when all that you have to do is destroying the other tanks within the game world. In addition, since the game world changes continually (offering you a lot more insane challenges), it is a lot more fun as well as exciting to explore all these possibilities in a very outstanding way.


Controls for Tank Trouble 3

The game controls are quite simple and they offer you some unique and extraordinary experiences. The main idea here is very simple, you will have use arrow keys on the keyboard so as to guide your tank all through the game world and in case you want to shoot the projectiles towards your enemy, all you have to do is to press M. The game offers players a very refined gameplay where you manage to explore a variety of cool mechanics as you play.

cute tank troubleInstructions of the game

One of the popular strategies that one can use so as to play against the human players or AI is to shoot the projectiles against the wall. The projectiles that you shoot shall bounce from one wall to the other which offers you an interesting way to defeat your enemies without even having to come in frontal contact.

Moreover, in this game you need to move extremely fast, because the enemies will shoot immediately and you have to avoid such things. Instead, ensure that all appearances and attacks in front of your enemies are carefully timed, since you want to have the best possible advantage in front of your enemy.

Acquire power-ups that will appear within the game world. This is because they’ll provide you with a very great advantage as you continue playing. It may take a little time bit until you get to them, something which might be dangerous considering the fact that the enemies attack you. However, once you manager to get to the bonus, you’ll have a great advantage that can bring you a lot of opportunities. Just do that and the end results will be far more than impressive!

Final verdict

As you can clearly see, Tank Trouble 3 unblocked is certainly a very amazing game that offers you with a lot of fun. It is simple, easy to play and definitely fun. Apart from that, the best thing about the game is that no 2 maps are similar. As a result, the fun also comes from the whole randomness of this game. Do not hesitate, play this game right now and you will certainly have immense joy and fun while playing!


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