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Super Smash Flash 2 – The ultimate battling game

January 16th, 2017

mcleodgamingSuper Smash Flash2 is a sequel of the popular series of Flash game developed by Super Smash Flash 2 developer group. Unblocked SSF2 is loosely based on Super Smash bros. series featuring many memorable characters such as Goku, Mario, Kirby, Naruto, ichigo, mega man and many more.

Game play of SSF2 is very similar to its official Super Smash bros game. Unlike most of the traditional fighting games, the health of character is measured by a damage percentage. The percent value increases as the character is attacked. The character gets knocked off, when it reaches the highest damage percent.
The game has two different modes, stock mode and time mode, matches can also be played by combination of two modes. In stock mode, each player gets chosen amount of lives, every time they are knock out they loses their life. In time mode, each player are awarded a point when they knock out their opponent and loss a point if they are knocked out or self destructed. At the end of time limit, the player with most points wins.

The control are different from it’s older version. The A, D, S and W keys are assigned to player 1 movement, while the arrow keys are assigned to second player. The P key is used for standard attacks, I key for shield, O key for special moves and 1 key for taunting. Player 2 uses 1 key on numpad for special moves, 2 key on numpad for standard attack, 3 key on numpad for shield, and 4 key for taunt. Player can also customize their game control in the menu.
The characters are the fighters representing the universe which they belongs. Each character has numerous standard attack, special attack and unique special move called ‘Final Smash’. There are two types of characters, starter character, which can be used from the beginning, and unlockable character, which can be accessed only after being unlocked.
There are also optional expansion character which are not bundled with game and needs to be downloaded. There are total 33 characters which appears as playable characters. When turning on game for the first time the available starter characters are Mario, Lugi, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario etc.

There are different stages and platform’s where the battle takes place. Some stages consists hazards to add complexity and uniqueness. The basic stage starts with Battlefield, followed by Bomb factory, Bowser castle, Night zone, Castle siege, Central highway, Chaos shrine etc.

N E W    U P D A T E
There is new amazing quiz game, second version – Impossible Quiz 2, this is outstanding game and you should really try it.

Quick review of Happy Wheels

October 28th, 2016

Quick review of Happy WheelsHappy Wheels is a remarkable racing flash video game established by Jim Bonacci. If you have never ever played this video game prior to I will certainly tell you why millions of people play it day by day. Happy wheels is a racing video game with aspects of blood and physical violence, for example you character can break leg, arm, head or even pass away during the race, as there are a lot of barriers in each level.

You can even play the levels developed by other users or share your level with others, however just at the official internet site of the game. Right here we have only Demo variation of the game, but unlike the demonstrations of other video games, this is a fascinating and really huge variation. More than 7 characters are offered in it + up to 15 different levels, so I am sure you will invest terrific time playing even the demo variation of Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels 3 unblocked is a video game for all. Hope you will certainly likewise spend outstanding time playing this violent,physics-based bloody video game at our web site.

If you have actually never ever played this game prior to I will inform you why millions of individuals play it day by day. You can even play the levels created by other users or share your level with others, but just at the main web site of the game. Here we have only Demo version of the game, but unlike the demos of other games, this is a interesting and actually big version.


Welcome to the 2nd Dimension with Stick RPG

September 16th, 2016

welcome-to-the-2nd-dimension-with-stick-rpgWelcome to the world of 2 dimensions in Stick RPG! A world where you can enjoy the luxuries of life without the worry of consequence. The free environment created in Stick RPG allows you to explore different buildings including restaurants, bars, casinos, and more! Your only objective is to acquire as much net worth as possible while keeping your health up, eating when you’re hungry, and sleeping when it’s time to sleep.

How to Play Stick RPG

The basic layout of Stick RPG is simple. You start aerial view with your stick figure avatar on the sidewalk. Using arrow keys on your keyboard you can walk in any direction you wish, just like in tanktrouble flash game.

To enter buildings, simply walk through the front door. Once inside, you will be introduced to a multitude of options. For example, if you enter the bar, you can have a drink or start a bar fight. If you start a bar fight, you use your strength level to choose from a series of fight moves.

game-view-from-aboveOr, find yourself at the University where you can take a class, study, or go to the gym. Just know that some of those activities cost money.

Each player starts with a level of points that include CHARM, INTELLIGENCE, and STRENGTH, and to accomplish anything you need to figure out how to raise all of these levels to as high as possible .

Keeping an Eye on Time

During the game, time moves like a regular day. And, like a regular day, you need your sleep. Monitor the time and your health (along with money, character inventory, and stats) at the top of the screen. When it starts to get late and your health is low, find your apartment and take a rest.

What’s the Point of Stick RPG?

The total objective of Stick RPG is to acquire as much money and goods as possible, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. To get a good job, you need a high intelligence. To get a high intelligence you need to study, and studying cost time. If you run out of time, you may not be able to acquire as much money as you would have liked if say, you just bet it all on blackjack and won.

But, that’s the point. You have time to cruise around this fun world and decide where it’s going to take you. Maybe after earning a degree and getting a good job, you decide to buy a bus ticket and head to the next town. Guess what, no one is stopping you!

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Join us, we have hundreds of free online game, we have guides, we have some cheats for noobs and many more fun options to help you relax