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Get ready to shake your mind gamers…!

November 12th, 2016

Presenting the most addictive game for the gamers all round the globe – the one and only ‘CUBEFIELD’. Get ready to wake all your sense organs as you have to use all of them together in order to score as high as possible.

CUBEFIELDRules of the game are very simple. You are on a ship and you have to dodge the obstacles that are in the shape of colourful 3D cube like walls. Seems easy know but wait for the difficult part as the speed of the ship goes up and keeps on increasing. The obstacles will be coming more often with a greater velocity and it is going to be very tough to dodge them with increasing level.

So buckle up gamers for this exciting game. The controls as also very simple just like the game. There are only two buttons that moves the ship to left and right in order to dodge the obstacles.

lookatscoreincubefieldThe game is simple yet extremely addictive as you will constantly try to play the game again and again to reach the highest score. The game is competitive as you have to score the highest points beating your rivals. The helps you to improve your concentration. It also enhances your response and reflex skills as you have to dodge quicker with the increasing levels and speed.

To make the game interesting the colour of the cubic obstacle and background changes continuously with increasing levels. It is a very small space consuming game. No big downloads, no graphic card hassles, just a simple, small, addictive game that will keep you busy for quite a while.

So what are waiting for…! Get set go gamers and make the highest scores to take this game to a whole new level. New records are to be set and broken.
So let’s play – ‘ CUBEFIELD ‘.


Not the difficult but the Impossible Quiz!

September 15th, 2016

What is the Impossible Quiz

Impossible quiz
Impossible Quiz is one of the most difficult but very funny way to test your skills and mind ability. It might seem easy and simple, but you have lots of possibilities to fail if you answer these offbeat questions. Impossible Quiz Unblocked will test your rational thoughts, while it will try to confuse you so as to choose the wrong answer, so be careful. It is a game that will try to annoy you as far as it can and requires a lot of patience from you to complete it. Impossible Quiz is both humorous and frustrating. Good luck is one important factor to end it. By ending the Impossible Quiz you will train your mind to think in a different way less predictable and common.

Quest 62
Impossible Quiz instructions
In this Quiz, you have only 3 tries and after that you will have to start from the beginning. You have to answer all of the 110 questions to end the Impossible quiz. Some of the questions require logical thinking and others make you guess. If you lose the 3 tries game is over. When you answer some of the questions correctly, you will be rewarded with a skip. This option will help you skip a question if you are not able to answer. You can earn 7 skips, although some specific questions cannot be skipped. Also, there are some questions that are timed, these are the bomb questions. If you do not answer the question before the bomb explodes, the impossible quiz game is over. There is a range of limited time to answer from 10 to 1 second. To play from your desktop just use the mouse and click the right answer with the cursor. Impossible Quiz let you share the results with Facebook, so you can motivate your friends to take it too.

Adventure And Action Flash Games 24×7

Join us, we have hundreds of free online game, we have guides, we have some cheats for noobs and many more fun options to help you relax