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Plants vs Zombies Free of Charge

November 3rd, 2016

PopCap Games has set its reputable name since the launch of Plants vs Zombies. It is widely a famous computer game not just for children but for adults as well. This controversial game has invaded millions of desktops around the globe. Gamers have gone crazy defending their plants from the evil zombies. Would it possible to get Plants vs Zombies free?

Plants vs ZombiesThere surely is a Plants vs Zombies free demo for starters or those who haven’t played the game yet. It’s an addictive kind of game where plants need to be protected from the harm of zombies. Apparently, zombies come in a variety of types and so do plants. What could probably be the origin of this phenomenal game?

What many game lovers just don’t realize is Plants vs Zombies originally started out as a sequel to Insaniquarium, a game about growing an aquarium’s population and keeping the fishes from the harm of alien invasion. Since then, PopCap Games design a tower defense game which turned out to be different from Insaniquarium. Tons of ideas were considered about the types of plants to appear in the game Plants vs Zombies as the development team was trying to design it at first. It has gone through a lot of screening process. The whole development team was glad of the success Plants vs Zombies brought about these days though it didn’t follow as a sequel to Insaniquarium.

For the Plants vs Zombies lovers, they keep on checking online to find out whether there could be Plants vs Zombies free version. Of course, the trial version is more of just a part and not a complete game. It would just make the gamers crave for more of the game. Others would run through the pages online to see whether there could be Plants vs Zombies free full version.

Boxhead Unblocked

You can also play other zombies game – it’s called Boxhead unblocked.

There were for an instance some download sites which offer lesser charge at a discounted price. Though they don’t offer Plants vs Zombies free, their offers are great enough to enjoy the full version of the game at a low download and purchase price. Surely gamers spend plenty of hours protecting their plants against the destruction of aliens with the sunlight as their only source.

Android has come up with Plants vs Zombies free download some time in May. Those who own phones and tablets running Android OS didn’t miss this opportunity of heading over to Amazon Appstore to pick up PopCap’s addictive Plants vs Zombies free of charge. PopCap Games has reached Android to offer Plants vs Zombies free of charge after several months of anticipation gamers wished to download it friendly on their pocket. Another great game which you can enjoy on your phone is zombie trailer park.

huge wave of zombies

Surely gamers would have fun defending their plants by any means as they join the world of an epic battle between pleasant plants and wicked zombies. Behold as this game is extremely fun and might snatch a long time in a day. Much more, it would be a hundred percent bonus to download and play Plants vs Zombies free of charge. Also get tips and play the latest version of The Impossible Quiz game for free.



August 14th, 2016

Tank Trouble game is a highly immersive, professional arcade game and with the third iteration the game has gotten even better. Alongside leaderboard features and the better animations, the game still works better and it also offers an amazing gameplay experience as compared to the previous versions. While playing Tank Trouble 3 you will get a chance to truly showcase all your skills against a wide range of AI and human as you enjoy the game.

With this game, you do not have to worry about deadlines or even anything of that sort. Instead the game is a fun, relaxing game which you can play whenever you wish without any restrictions. It is really nice to enjoy your time when all that you have to do is destroying the other tanks within the game world. In addition, since the game world changes continually (offering you a lot more insane challenges), it is a lot more fun as well as exciting to explore all these possibilities in a very outstanding way.


Controls for Tank Trouble 3

The game controls are quite simple and they offer you some unique and extraordinary experiences. The main idea here is very simple, you will have use arrow keys on the keyboard so as to guide your tank all through the game world and in case you want to shoot the projectiles towards your enemy, all you have to do is to press M. The game offers players a very refined gameplay where you manage to explore a variety of cool mechanics as you play.

cute tank troubleInstructions of the game

One of the popular strategies that one can use so as to play against the human players or AI is to shoot the projectiles against the wall. The projectiles that you shoot shall bounce from one wall to the other which offers you an interesting way to defeat your enemies without even having to come in frontal contact.

Moreover, in this game you need to move extremely fast, because the enemies will shoot immediately and you have to avoid such things. Instead, ensure that all appearances and attacks in front of your enemies are carefully timed, since you want to have the best possible advantage in front of your enemy.

Acquire power-ups that will appear within the game world. This is because they’ll provide you with a very great advantage as you continue playing. It may take a little time bit until you get to them, something which might be dangerous considering the fact that the enemies attack you. However, once you manager to get to the bonus, you’ll have a great advantage that can bring you a lot of opportunities. Just do that and the end results will be far more than impressive!

Final verdict

As you can clearly see, Tank Trouble 3 unblocked is certainly a very amazing game that offers you with a lot of fun. It is simple, easy to play and definitely fun. Apart from that, the best thing about the game is that no 2 maps are similar. As a result, the fun also comes from the whole randomness of this game. Do not hesitate, play this game right now and you will certainly have immense joy and fun while playing!


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Join us, we have hundreds of free online game, we have guides, we have some cheats for noobs and many more fun options to help you relax